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Welcome to the new amalgamated website where you can find all things relating to

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The site has been simplified and hopefully you will find the navigation of the pages easier to work through.

Keep checking in for lots of exciting information, news, views, reviews, gossip, celebrity interviews and of course, lots of SocialMediaStuff.

Enjoy! Emil.

Are you looking for a stress free, professional, honest and affordable approach to your social media postings?


Hand over the day to day operations of your company’s social media to Emil [The Caretaker].

Emil The Caretaker will post relevant and business focussed information across each of your social media platforms.

From Facebook to Twitter, Instagram to Trip Advisor, each profile will be managed on your behalf.

Mr and Mrs Haircare will help you discover which product you should be using on your hair and why that ‘must have’ volumizer may make your locks dry and dull. Expert advice…

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Welcome to the world of Mr Haircare, an industry impresario and savvy individual who has dedicated his life to transforming the dull and dreary into the wild and wonderful. Here he celebrates…

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All it takes is an email or a phone call and very soon your social media profiles will be reaching more customers.

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Emil The Caretaker offers an affordable way to keep your social media channels up to date and packed with engaging posts – a sure-fire way of reaching more customers.

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