Training is an important and relevant part of your business.


Having devised, written and delivered training for large corporate businesses I have used my skillset to develop a unique approach to in-house training that is honest and liberating, non affiliated to any brand and relevant to the world we live in.

From communication to retail, every training session is designed around your business needs.

My 40 years in the hairdressing industry have given me an incredible insight into the art (and it is an art) of communication, crucial to every aspect of a successful business that is built on client interaction and involvement.

As a seasoned educator I pride myself on delivering training that is inspiring, unique, bespoke, challenging, entertaining and result driven.

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The big news )for mrH at least) is the development of Being Amazonian …. it is now well on the way to becoming a book. That’s the dream, hopefully it will become a reality. Almost 3 years in the making, Being Amazonian: Don’t Sell is completed in draft form and is currently being reviewed, amended, corrected, critiqued by a select few people before it goes to the next stage. If it becomes a book, an actual book, I will be thrilled. There’s a long way to go yet though, so watch this space.


Social Media Caretaking

If you struggle with the maintenance of your social platforms you can hand over the day to day responsibility to Emilthecaretaker. For a monthly subscription all platforms are updated daily with relevant information relating to your business, your team and clients, the services and products you offer. Blog posts can be scheduled to keep your website fresh and engaging.

Budget allocation is crucial in your social world, we can discuss what fits your business and together a new approach to each different platform can be reached.



If you want help understanding the mechanics of social media posting, this half day training session has been created for you (and your team) to help get the very best out of all the different social platforms.

It’s important to recognise the need for regular posts that fit two methods of communicating with your clients, from the very professional materials your product suppliers can furnish you with through to the ‘not so’ professional posts that you create yourself. Add into the mix the need to generate likes, follows, shares, tags etc and the entire structure of your social world can become a complex one.

Let mrH help you understand and maximise your effectiveness in this ever growing social world we live in.


In salon / business training

Retail training continues to be the most requested session with salons looking for new ways to encourage clients to purchase professional products. All retail training sessions are created exclusively around individual needs and look at topics including:

*Client purchasing patterns

*Online shopping activities



*Opening and closing ‘the sale’

*Consistent engagement

*Understanding the client

*Using social platforms to maximise product awareness

*What retail giants do to entice customers



Customer Service / Communication / Up-Selling

Sessions that focus in on more specific aspects of day to day salon life include elements relating to how we communicate, the consultation and how it has to be updated to mirror what happens when clients visit online sites, up-selling of services… a critical [key] factor in securing future business, In salon treatments and activities that can generate impulse purchases, how they need to be utilised, and the need for re-booking.

Each session is built around the specific needs and requirements of the individual business.

Action plans are included (if required) as standard practice so that team members have goals to aim for after each training session.


Team Building


In an environment where individuality and self expression are crucial it can be a challenge to get the TEAM to perform cohesively.

Businesses that rely on customer interaction need to be focussed and working together for the greater good of everyone whilst still maintaining a sense of creativity and individualism. The old adages ‘There is no I in team’  and ‘Together Everyone Achieves More’ sum up team building succinctly, and that’s what the aim of this session is, to make your team work in harmony with each other for the benefit of everyone.


Bespoke is KEY. Whatever your needs are we can create the perfect training session for you and your team.

All it takes is a phone call: 07885 985843 or an email: and we can build your training plan to fit your exact needs.




A concept that was developed over a period of 2 years, this training platform is designed for B2B and B2C clients and offers an intelligent, thought provoking and successful approach to understanding how today’s clients shop and looks at the best way service orientated businesses can capture sales in a more professional and genuine way.

Being Amazonian (B.A) analyses and dissects, in detail, how effective online shopping has become and how it ‘naturally’ encourages shoppers to purchase more than just the original (searched for) item.

Delivered as a one day course B.A has been designed for those businesses keen to build their retail offering to a much more serious part of their business.

Being Amazonian is a highly effective concept that builds your teams confidence about the products you have in your environment.



If you are looking for training that isn’t generic, that is totally unique and that delivers guaranteed results you have come to the right place.

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