1: Create a mixed blend / collection of images across each platform, don’t be too focussed on your primary business function, try and create posts that are about your team / your clients / your products / your services / your environment.

2: Create a strong # that relates to your business and is easy to find in search engines and ‘tag’ search options.  Short tags always work best.

3: Always tag in your town / city and find all the @ names local to you.

4: Don’t use too many tags, stick to 5 or 6 as a general rule of thumb, 2 – 3 that are consistent about your business and others that are relevant to the posting.

4: Post according to each sites functions, when posts go out generically across all of the different platforms they change when they go live, this is probably why the majority of scheduled twitter posts just show text with no image visible.

5: Use apps that animate your posts more regularly, Boomerang is by far the most popular one, Ripl is another excellent choice.

6: Share your different platform names across all the other sites, ie, mention Instagram on Facebook etc, and do blog posts about your social activity as well.

7: Run a competition on FB that encourages people to follow your sites, create a specific hashtag that ties in with whatever you are giving away.

8: Simply put, post daily, mention your sites to clients and give them reasons to visit, like, share, follow and tag you in, that’s the best way to get your SEO increased.

9: Your blog posts should feature key words in the subject matter that Google ‘like’ and ‘look for’, this is how algorithms come into effect.  Google find the blogpost by the key words in the blog title and in the text body of the subject matter, that’s kind of how it works.

10: BE CONSISTENT, it is proven that the more regularly you post the better your engagement becomes, but remember most people scroll through social sites and don’t always like and comment.




Let’s start with a website, if your business has one, here’s a few useful tips:

Make sure your website is featured on and linked to your social channels often

Make sure the imagery changes regularly

If the site has a news page, update it at least once a week

News should be ‘serious’ topics

Blog: If you don’t have one …. ADD A BLOG PAGE …. immediately


A blog is the place for news, views and features about everything relating to your business

Update at least once a week

Mix the blogposts up

Feature products and services, team and miscellaneous info that relates to your business

When anyone uses a search engine to find you they will (invariably) visit your website

first and they will expect to find a blog with lots of posts about you and your business

Always use imagery with the posts

Try to use about 200 words and never go past  a maximum of 500

Make the header (title) short and punchy


One of the most important social channels

make sure your business page is populated with all the relevant info, opening hours, tel number, web details etc

Try to post at least once a day

Mix up the post, pictures of products, the team, clients (if appropriate) special offers etc

Use strong images and brief paragraphs wherever possible

Cute cats and dogs are ok within the context of making the site feel personal but don’t over do it

Deal with all queries and comments as soon as possible


Immensely popular, Instagram defines the new way of communicating





Try to maintain an element of ‘amateur’ to the posts

can be used to promote every aspect of your business


Don’t underestimate the power of Pinterest

The second largest ‘search tool’ after Google

Use it to promote services, brands and shopping opportunities

Shoppers love to ‘pin’ …. give them the chance to ‘pin’ your posts

Strong Images, minimal text

Link to your website, especially if you have an online shop

Try to post in bulk at least once a week


Twitter is very relevant to businesses

use it for short sharp bursts of information

Promote services and People

Tweet whenever anything is relevant to you but try to maintain regular updates

Link to #trending moments



There are hundreds of social channels that can be of use to different businesses

Choose additional ones that suit your needs:

Flickr is fabulous for creating an image driven site

Periscope is perfect if you have need to broadcast something live (although you can now do this on both Facebook and Instagram)


YouTube is great if you have enough video’s to create your own page

Short sharp bursts of strong visuals can be incredibly popular

Share YouTube posts on your other social channels

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 18.01.52

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