If you are not used to it, having your photograph taken professionally is a daunting process. There’s a certain irony to it seeing as how lots of us, me most definitely included, take selfies on a daily basis and post them across all of the different social platforms.


In the interest of professionalism and with a genuine need to have ‘proper shots’ I made the call to have some images taken that would be suitable for more serious stuffs. Using, funnily enough, Facebook I asked if any photographers were free at short notice and I was inundated with responses from across the land. I chose a lady I follow on Facebook called Yemi King, someone I have never met in my life before but someone who for whatever reason has connected with me (and vice versa) through social media.

The date and time were set. Wednesday, Aug 9th, 7pm at a studio here in Edinburgh.

BTW this is not meant to read as some self indulgent post, although it probably will do, so apologies in advance!

What would I wear? Jeans, and a couple of different coloured shirts, one black for the serious stuff even though I don’t like wearing it, and a pink  one because it softens the skin tone haha!

Yemi arrived, a young girl full of enthusiasm for her passion, photography. She made me feel at ease more or less immediately as she very cleverly got me talking as she set up the studio.

And then suddenly, flash and she was off clicking furiously, and that’s when the doubt and the self conscious embarrassment took hold. As I mentioned earlier this is a bit odd seeing as how I take selfies more or less daily and use them on all my social platforms. It just feels different when you are surrounded by lights and you have someone directing you to do certain things ….. stand like you do when you are presenting, act natural (very difficult) smile (even more so).

I am going to use the images on my website and social platforms (in fact i’ve already started) and I like to play around with them a little so the collection Yemi sent me are perfect for that reason but when the session was finished I was full of doubt about what I would receive.

Do I like them all? YES!

Will I share them all? NO!

There are lots that show the blemishes, wrinkles, the ever expanding waistline, the thinning of the hair, the things that in this day and age when everyone photoshops images to remove flaws I don’t want to do, so i’d rather just share the images I am happy with and put the others to one side.


Is it egotistical? Well I suppose it might be even though there is a genuine reason for needing the images. I enjoyed the experience and overall I am happy with the collection of pics i have to use. It’s not the first time i’ve had pro pics taken but it is a very long time since it was last done and it has never been done to this extent before.

Is it vain? I think vanity plays a part but it plays a part in daily life more then ever before, even at my time of life. Sharing images of oneself has never been as commonplace as it is in todays society and it has its positives and negatives. The positives, it puts a face to the name which is important when your business depends on it. Negative because the need to look fabulous can override the reality of life.

By the way, the clothes, it didn’t work, Black, my least favourite (non) colour turned out better than the Pink shirt which just seemed to enhance the blotchy skin that I thought had been hidden by the use of tinted moisturiser.

45 minutes and we were done, that’s all it took to capture the moment. I laughed, I was nervous, it was fun, it was scary and if you ever need to have your photo’s taken professionally I guarantee that no matter how many selfies you take where you look natural, relaxed and gorgeous, once that photographer starts clicking away you will shrink into your shell faster than you could ever imagine.

Bravo to all those who have their photo taken as their career, models etc, I simply don’t know how you do it.

Oh and when I got back from the shoot I took a selfie … of course I did!

Yemi King is a natural photographer, she captured me as I am, the real me and that’s what was asked of her. Irrespective of the fact that I might not like what I see in some of the shots I would use her again should the need arise because she captured the essence of my character.

Find her here: http://www.yemiking.com