Last week I attended a Goldwell roadshow here in Edinburgh.

Beverly C was the guest artist and she was showing us her interpretation of the latest Goldwell trend Elemental.

Irene, Education Manager introduced the evening and talked to the audience about the changes Goldwell and KMS have gone through over the last few years including the launch of the Hub network event held in Tenerife earlier this year, an incredible event that salons attended showcasing lots of business experts (I’m too modest to say I was one of them) … and she then shared with us that next year it is in Croatia.

I’ve been a fan of Beverly C for many years, her hairdressing skills are beautiful, but more than that it’s how she presents and connects with her audience that I have always admired, so I was looking forward to seeing her present models and talk about the new trend.

Firstly she explained how the trends are developed and how they stem from social trends that are developing globally. This led onto the presentation of ELEMENTAL the new trend, a beautiful deconstructed [trend] that has been inspired, in both cut and colour by gemstones, semi precious rocks that have multi faceted shapes and colours that usually start off very bold and fade away into an almost transparent tone and shape, that’s how the new collection of cuts and colours were developed.

(the above pic describes, visually) my understanding of the concept, Beverly’s haircuts and colours did exactly what is seen in this pic, they had bold colour fading through to nothingness and the haircuts had bold shapes with softened wispy elements that mirrored the trend perfectly.

Elemental: The new normal emerges #getelemental

Beverly and Irene explained:  Colours are inspired by natural stones that are muted and raw,  Cuts are about simplicity with jagged edges and with skill in cutting. Elemental brings intuition into the shape and styling of the hair. It might look deconstructed but the preparation is absolute key to achieving the looks.

A firm favourite of Beverly’s, a razor was used to to soften through the side areas in her first model to create a non blended look, she explained it’s because the trend is organic and raw, it’s about flat texture not volume. Using the dryer to aerate hair is important Beverly explained as it brings the hair styles to life.

Irene talked about Neil Barton’s Colour Zoom journey and how it has set another element to his career path and the careers of other hairdressers who have won in the global competition. As Neil was in the audience (after all it’s his home town) the audience showed their appreciation and a rousing cheer went up through the room!

I loved the way Beverly explained the cuts and colours using the analogy of how cut and colour both fade out like how an intense storm goes
From dense to clear.

Irene talked about how clients want to change their hair these days and explained that the techniques and colours in Elemental lend themselves perfectly to the ever challenging demands clients have these days.

Whilst the hair demonstrations continued we were told that dressing and styling the trend it is very much about not overly finishing off the hair,
letting the hair speak for itself, and, creating head hugging shapes.

When we got to the 5th model, the event was running slightly over, Beverly explained that it always happens because she loves talking (her exact words by the way). The audience genuinely didn’t care; she, and Irene could have stayed there all night as we were hooked on the information and the stunning models.

The final model had long hair in plaits and knotted sections, which was fascinating to watch being created, the middle section of the hair was crimped to achieve texture , the shape was done and then undone to fit in with the Elemental trend.

5 stunning models, lots of insights into the upcoming trend, which I believe captures the zeitgeist perfectly. Some of the strongest colours and cuts I’ve seen in a long long time and a thoroughly enjoyable evening was had by all, for me it finished with a quick hello to Beverly and Irene and then off I headed into the night, inspired by the new norm #GETELEMENTAL

I must give the team from JR’s in Glasgow a wee shout out as they wanted me to know just how fabulous Beverly C is and how much they enjoy her visits to their salons.

BIG APOLOGIES for the poor quality of the pics, you will find ‘proper’ ones on the Goldwell UK Instagram account.