Hairdresser’s and retail, a perfect match in every possibly way, a true fit in every conceivable manner ….. clients get their hair done and need ‘stuff’ to look after it, what could be more symbiotic than hair and haircare?

So why is that even now, in a world dominated by shopping experiences and the need to buy stuff constantly do some hairdressers still struggle with the basics, let alone the serious opportunities that talking about retail can bring?

That’s why I have been working on a concept for retailing.

Don’t Sell!

Yes, I am advocating not selling anything in salons ever again.

What I am suggesting is that salons embrace the modern way client’s shop and use it in the day to day communication and interaction shared with clients. Shopping is different now,

*I say that as I pause to take delivery of some clothes from Asos, ordered yesterday, delivered today, I will try them on when I finish this post and if they aren’t suitable they will get popped back into the bag they arrived in and be returned F.O.C.

I’m not alone in frequently shopping on line and am as eager to find a bargain as the next person, something we don’t normally expect to find inside a salon or any other retail business unless there is a sale or a special offer on, but there’s always some offer to be had online!

Don’t Sell!

It’s not revolutionary or ground breaking but it is a new look at an age old problem, how to encourage staff to open up the correct dialogue with clients to encourage greater engagement with retail and in-salon products.

Don’t Sell!

It does involve the salon owner / buyer removing some of the restrictions staff might face when talking about products and services that could help them (and the business) achieve more.

Don’t Sell!

It’s not for the faint hearted and it’s definitely not for those who aren’t  prepared to budge on RRP and pricing.

It is for forward thinking, business focussed salons that want to capitalise on our never ending desire to purchase and be involved with brands.

If that’s your business, let’s talk. You can reach me on 07885 985843 or you can email me at


There is a work in progress, it’s a book (hopefully) and it is being written to help salons everywhere understand how online stores and social media generates interest in brands and gets your clients buying stuff! Watch this space, I have a timeline I’m working to and hopefully ‘Being Amazonian’ (the book) will be ready before the end of 2018.


Now to try on my new clothes.