mrH recently had the pleasure of interviewing a hairdressing legend, the hairdresser we always see with a huge smile on his face, and the hairdresser who has a list of celebrity clients as long as [my] arm.


We began by asking Errol the obvious question


mrH: Can you explain how your career started and what made you decide to be a hairdresser?

Errol: “Hairdressing chose me! From the first time I set foot in a salon aged 11, I was completely convinced it was the career for me. I have been incredibly fortunate to have been mentored by and worked with so many industry greats, and each one has shaped a certain stage in my journey. Of all the collaborative experiences in the last 30 years, my time working for and being mentored by Paul Edmonds remains incredibly important to me. From there I moved onto open my own salon”.

mrH: You are known for creating exciting and unusual hair (as well as commercial looks). Where do you get your inspiration?

Errol: “Everywhere – from obvious outlets in fashion, music and film – but also from the high street and from the architecture, the culture and vibe of the many destinations I’m able to visit for my work. I always build in a little time to really get under the skin of the city I’m working in from Moscow and Sydney to New York and Monaco, there’s so much to absorb, galleries to visit and it really has come to life in my moodboards over the years and ultimately in my collections. Additionally, as a mentor to young hair talent both through my work with the fellowship and my own training programme at the salon (Team EDge), the future talent in our industry is a continual source of inspiration to me – hair has a very exciting future”.

mrH agrees totally about the exciting times ahead for UK hairdressing, and from past experiences knows that it’s a great career to be involved in. Like everything it has it’s highs and lows, yet I simply had to ask this next question:

mrH: Whenever you are photographed there is a huge smile on your face. Are you always happy and if so… what’s your secret?

Errol: “Simple – I stay grateful and curious. I love working in the hair industry and as the saying goes, “do something you love and it will rarely feel like work”


As usual in any interview, I took the liberty of asking some  compulsory questions: (my comments in brackets)

  • Fave colour? Navy Blue (a shock, my guess with 99.9% of hairdressers asked …. the answer would be Black).
  • Fave book? The Colour Purple (intellectual and thought provoking)
  • Fave film? Schindler’s List (it’s in everyone top ten i’m sure and it’s a definite fave of mine too… great choice)
  • Fave song? “Happy” by Pharell (fits the constant smile on Mr. Douglas’s face)
  • Fave actress and actor? Scarlett Johansson & Benedict Cumberbatch (Hollywood meets the UK in a  tour de force of talent)
  • Fave musician? Beyonce (not mrH’s fave gal but an immense talent and a good choice)
  • Fave model? Jordan Dunn (a trie beauty)


mrH: You have an enviable back catalogue of images, is it possible to choose a favourite and if so which is it and why?

Errol: “That’s so hard! If I have to I’d say a shot from my Royal Collection 2010. It was a very memorable shoot, the models, the vibe, the way that all of those involved really understood the creative vision we were working towards. EVERYTHING worked and it shows in the collection”.

Here is that collection…. and what beautiful images they are!

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mrH follows all of the errol Douglas social media channels and has observed a definite understanding of what they are all for, so…Which is your favourite one?

Errol: “Instagram – so many creatives – it’s a great space”.


mrH: What do you consider to be your greatest achievement to date?

Errol: “Opening my salon in 1998, and watching the people I’ve mentored go on to have great careers in hair”.

Check out the beautiful salon here:

mrH: Who are your hair heroes?

Errol: “Effie Davis and Anthony Mascolo”.

mrH: Outside of hairdressing what else do you enjoy doing…. Hobbies?

Errol: “I love Bikram Yoga and power walking”.

mrH: Your work with The Fellowship is very inspiring, what are your hopes for the future of British Hairdressing?

Errol: “That British Hairdressing in fashion, film, music and on a global platform continues to flourish and be celebrated for its innovation, diversity and courage in boundary pushing”.

you can find out much more about The Fellowship here:

mrH:  What’s next for you and your business?

Errol: “I have some exciting product news in development – watch this space”!

mrH says “as soon as we know what the exciting plans are we will post an update here….. nothing better than a little teaser post1

And to finish, mrH asked Errol to tell us something no-one knew about him!

The answer:  “I’m an enthusiastic collector of Art”.

Now you can call mrH spooky f you want, but checking back through Errol’s photographic collections I could have guessed that art would have been somewhere in the answer.

So there you have it! Lets see who is next on mrhaircare’s list of hairdressing legends we interview!


Thanks Errol, it has been a pleasure!