There’s no pic in this post, and there is no pic for a very important reason.

Companies, celebrities, brands, they all want to share their message with us all, they all want to capture you, they want you to engage with their posts on social media and follow them in every possible way.

But don’t you dare try and share a pic, you will be got!

A letter will land on your doorstep, or an email will arrive that states you have infringed copyright and you will be asked to remove the imagery that you do not own and you will be asked to pay compensation for using an image without approval from the owner (or the subject matter).

So what is the purpose of this post then? Well I have been astounded by the absolutely phenomenal response to Beyonce posting a series of elaborate images of herself pregnant!

Twitter, Instagram, they practically burnt out with the the pictures Queen B released, so carefully constructed to show a heavily pregnant B with (apparently) lots of hidden messages telling us she is having a boy and a girl, and lots of other mumbo jumbo stuff.

I’m not against Beyonce deciding to do a full blown image driven announcement, she can do as she pleases. What I find hard to grasp is that she is still in the midst of the drama surrounding Lemonade, the opus she released and gave to us last year that clearly suggested infidelity and a cheating hubby.

Now, it seems, all is good and the ‘happy’ couple are expecting twins, congratulations!

Unfortunately I am unable to ‘share’ the pictures here on my little blog because I can’t afford to pay for them, if indeed they are available to purchase, I can’t cut and paste them because technology means they can be found and if they are I am liable for being sued as I have knowingly carried out something  illegal.

Maybe the post would slip through the net (or web as the case actually is) and never be found by the legal eagles Beyonce and her ‘people’ employ to scour the internet for anything and everything. Maybe if my post wasn’t a tad controversial in its questioning of the marital woes and impending happy event it would be swept to one side and ignored by the hunters who hunt the innocent bloggers in todays world!

I’m not taking the risk, B has an image, B is a brand and it is guarded ferociously. Don’t underestimate the messages that are sent out, even if they do conflict (as I absolutely believe the images posted this week do).

Hopefully B and Jay Z have sorted everything out, but I can’t help wonder how we went from ‘Becky with the good hair’ to ‘we have been blessed’ without an in between declaration of everything being resolved, especially seeing as how B is such an avid social poster??

But my ultimate point is, does it matter if a brand and an image are sometimes at odds with everything attached to it or is it just a simple fact of life, and is it wrong for me to want to share my views and attach images that speak of it in a visual form without worrying about the impact it could have on me from a legal perspective?

And the catalyst for this post, alongside my confused feelings about Queen B’s news .. it stemmed from another image representing a brand that I believe served it no favours …. check out this link to see it

Seems everyone has a viewpoint about it, good bad orIndifferent, at the end of the day it's good to talk!I'm afraid I just don't get this!

Posted by Emil Mcmahon on Thursday, 2 February 2017

Fortunately this image was out there commercially available so I am okay (in this instance) to share it.

What a funny world we live in #bloggers #brands #images