I can almost hear you groaning as the headline of this article is scanned over. Here we are in the midst of summertime and Christmas is being mentioned!

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The fact of the matter is that once retail giant QVC starts having its ‘Christmas in July’ events and when superstores start dropping Christmas cards onto the racks, and when hotels and restaurants are pushing their festive events, it’s time to take note!

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Don’t panic, I’m not suggesting you get out the Christmas decorations and festoon the salon, but what I do think hairdressers need to do is make their clients aware that with only 4 pay packets to go it’s time to start thinking of the gifts that family, friends and loved ones would like.

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Add into the equation that this timeframe could mean some clients might only see you another once before Christmas actually lands and then the realisation of why starting now is relevant hits home. Most salons will have spoken to their suppliers sales representative and no doubt ordered Christmas gifts sets, some might even have stock left over from last year, so why not use them now, create something somewhere in the salon that tells your clients you are ready for the festivities without actually decking your halls with boughs of holly.

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If QVC can host ‘Christmas in July’ all day specials then surely we can replicate them in our own way, adding a touch of humour or fun to a serious retail opportunity. With pressroom blogs stating the average UK adult spend on Christmas gifts is at an all time of high of £280 there’s an awful lot of potential revenue hairdressers should be getting a percentage of.

It won’t happen if you put a few deccies up on Dec 1st and drop some gift boxed goodies onto the shelves, that’s simply not enough to entice someone into buying into the experience of Christmas gifting. It won’t happen if you turn your salon into Santa’s grotto tomorrow, that’s enough to put even a die hard crimbo fan like me into a panic.

It will happen if you engage with clients and open up dialogue about presents and how quickly Christmas will be here whilst sharing the gifting opportunities you have on your shelves as of now!

Don’t delay, start thinking about Christmas now, and use your social platforms to share the news, make it frivolous of you want, after all that’s what social sites are for, so long as you get your message across.

May I be the first to wish you a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS

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