over at our sister site www.mrandmrshaircare.com we have just posted an interview with a photographer called John Rawson. If you are a hairdresser you will immediately know the name, if you are not involved in hair, then irrespective of what your profession might be, go check out this weblink:


Here you will find images that are sensational, created by hairdressers, make-up artists, clothes stylists and The John Rawson Partnership.

mrH knows John very well as he used to visit the Wella Studio in Edinburgh regularly (where I worked at the time), and host photographic days to which salons would come along with their model and create looks that they would be able to use for their own publicity and marketing materials. It never failed to impress me how JR managed to make nervous people feel comfortable and at ease with the daunting prospect of dressing hair for the camera, he has an extraordinary talent for calming and relaxing hyper hairdressers! (by the way, that in itself is an amazing talent).

Read the Q&A (and see lots of gorgeous images) here:


The cover image for this posting is an incredible image, it shows legends of the hairdressing world all brought together for a commemorative edition of HJI (Hairdresser Journal International), celebrating 30 years of the BHA, a yearly event brought to the world of hairdressing by HJI &  Schwarzkopf.

All of the hairdressers pictured in the photograph are winners of the British Hairdressing Awards, the creme de la creme of the competition side of hairdressing!

I love this photo as it captures the glamour of this hair world we live in…. it oozes sexiness and sophistication, it’s like a Vanity Fair Hollywood issue (if you have never seen one, get the next issue when it lands). Super sophisticated, it can’t have been an easy task for John to get everyone together for such a cool image.