I recently attended a seminar held here in Edinburgh.

Do Better, Not More

That’s what the session was called, hosted by Rob Begg a well established entrepreneur who shares his knowledge, passion and beliefs with like minded individuals and businesses striving to achieve more from their day to day life, work and personal.

Sometimes to the detriment fo my own personal development I avoid attending any kind of learning presentation, but I went along because my other half said I should.

The audience were asked to be open minded about the information that we were about to hear and to set ourselves 2 objectives we wanted to focus on after attending. (these are private, suffice to say, I am actively working on them).

The session was packed full of really interesting information and lots that I intend to add into training seminars that will be of great use to most people who work in customer facing organisations.


I was struck by the power of PARADIGMS. Don’t worry if you don’t know what they are, I didn’t, however Rob explained them very well and here is what I have taken from him.

We all set goals in our working lives, some of us do in our private life too; and most of the time we don’t achieve them. Think of your New Year’s resolutions and how many times they fail.

Goals usually fall into 3 categories:

A: Goals we know how to do, goals that involve no growth to stretch from us.

B: Goals you think you can do, these are much more logical goals that require you to think about them.

C: Fantasy Goals, we have no idea about how to achieve, these are the goals you should set yourself to allow you the opportunity to grow.

There is a route to be taken to achieve the (fantasy) goal

Set the fantasy (think outside the box)

Think it through (be theoretical)

Make it a fact (it can become real)

Then ask yourself 2 questions:

Am I able?

Am I willing? (the most important one)


All sounds really interesting and perhaps even feasible…. until you add PARADIGMS into the equation.


Our results are affected by our behaviour, and 96-98% of our behaviour comes from PARADIGMS, they dictate our logic, they are deep routed sub conscious behavioural patterns that are part of our very being.

Simply put, PARADIGMS are part of us, part of us we cannot change without using our mental muscles, which by the way are as important as our physical ones.







Each of these subliminal memory muscles has an impact on what we believe we can achieve. The example Rob gave was of a fly buzzing at a closed window constantly banging against it when there is an open window next to it that the fly just doesn’t see, it is blinkered in what it wants to achieve and doesn’t know how to try something new.

For me this was a EUREKA moment

It’s what most of us do day in day out, we trundle along the same path never trying a new approach to a situation we always find ourselves in. Retail springs to mind immediately, we try the same old route to ‘sell’ a product and only ever achieve the same result because we never move away from the tried and trusted format, even when it doesn’t work.

Social media is the same, we stick to posting the same old same old stuff that gets no engagement because it’s just what we do.

but we can change PARADIGMS. By using emotional involvement and setting ‘fantasy’ goals that genuinely push our boundaries, we can make deep level sub conscious changes that alter our behavioural patterns, creating a shift in the way we operate.


PARADIGMS are heavy duty stuff and I am not an expert, but I get it, I don’t want to be the fly at the window, so things have to change at a deep level, and I have to be emotionally involved to make that change happen.

Okay, one of the objectives I set myself was to complete a book I have been trying to write for a long long time.


It’s a real struggle because …. and I’m going to try and explain this as easily as I can ….. my PARADIGMS tell me I am not capable of writing a book so I start and then give up. What Rob taught me was that I have to create the ‘fantasy’ goal and really push myself to believing it’s possible.

Since  the seminar I have completed 2 chapters. Every now and again the old style PARADIGM tells me I’m not good enough and I have to go back and revisit the text….. the new PARADIGM which I am emotionally building says that I am good enough and that I can do it.

A constant battle, yes because the old version is deep deep level in my sub conscious and I’m trying to change it. I will change it, it just takes time and consistency… and that’s why I think PARADIGMS are something we can all look at in our day to day lives that can help us



More to come, watch this space.