I can think of no other superlative that fits the bill for the latest launch from Goldwell.

I’ve seen the product, albeit briefly late last year, I have read about it and was genuinely excited, that’s why I wrote a piece on mrandmrshaircare,  but this week I got to see it in action and the results this revolutionary colour creates are phenomenal.

Photographs simply don’t do the colour justice, and that’s saying something because these iPhone pics make the hair look fab, but in real time you see what makes @purepigments so very special.

Developed and created over a very long period of time, Goldwell have worked with Fuji film to bring something new, genuinely new to the world of colour.

I attended a showcase here in Edinburgh earlier this week and was very fortunate to get my hands on a complete set of @purepigments so expect another blogpost when I have used them.

Until then all I can say is the principle behind the product is fascinating, direct acting dyes that don’t blend together when mixed, they sit independently of each other and any colour they are mixed in with, giving an iridescent quality to the hair like nothing I have ever seen before.

From Goldwell: The six concentrated tones of @Pure Pigments add
a unique play of Color reflections and shine to your Goldwell color.
Pure Yellow, Pure Orange, Pure Red, and Pure Violet create vivid tones
and effects. Pearl Blue and Matte Green soften and
counteract unwanted tones.

From mrH: Watch space, there’s lots more to come.

I am genuinely excited about this launch and believe Goldwell have captured the zeitgeist, it is most definitely of the moment!