Are you ready for this?


The automated algorithm tweaker that does more than (just) search key words.

It’s a real game changer in technology because it takes searching to a new level of intelligence.

SEO is always going to be critical in the way your post is found, and it’s a challenge when you write something that you want to get seen.

Blog posts need to be exciting, informative, fun and engaging, but the very best piece of work can go amiss if the SEO (search engine optimisation) isn’t spot on.

That’s why RANKBRAIN is so powerful, instead of just searching the words punched into Google’s search engine, [it] actually filters similar phrases and words to create a broader selection of likely links.

I am not the person to explain this in depth, all I know is this article here RANKBRAIN from explains its visually and in an easy to understand way. (posted with thanks to backlinks for sharing such an informative piece).

It’s fascinating stuff, especially for those of you who have a website or blog that relies on traffic getting to it through search engine means.

It doesn’t affect how people see anything on your social platforms, that topic has been covered off elsewhere on this blog, check out the homepage and hit ‘social facts’ but it is of importance when considering how you write something for. blog or website and what the key words should be that help get your post ‘out there’

For example, the original title of this post was simply ‘RankBrain’ …. that will categorically get lost in the myriad of post about the topic, meaning this post will get nothing from any SEO, so it’s changed to RankBrain, website and blogging which hopefully gives it a little nudge up in SEO terms.