I’m in my 4th year of being a self employed business consultant, trainer, social media consultant / caretaker and …… and it’s an interesting start to 2018.

The year started with me losing one of my social media accounts. Losing one account might be the normal for most businesses but for ’emilthecaretaker’ it’s a big deal. I only look after a select group of accounts, a deliberate step as it allows me to keep control of the day to day posts and monitor what happens with them, that wouldn’t be possible to do that with too many accounts to handle. But when one goes it then becomes a challenge to find another; it is a challenge I am working hard at and have recently started looking after a recruitment agencies social posts so I’m back on a level playing field with my [account] base, phew!

I’ve been doing lots of research about social platforms and how they are becoming increasingly complex and frustrating for most users. the algorithmic values have changed ….. yet again ….. the SEO function has altered, feeds are not showing what people used to see and the very nature of how social sites operate is causing lots of headaches for people. That’s why I have started posting ‘hints and tips’ on www.emilthecaretaker.com to give people a chance to keep up with the constant shifts in how Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc work.

Interestingly enough the ‘caretaking’ element of the business has spread its reach beyond haircare and hairdressing and now looks after a variety of different business models, all wanting their social media to be more multi dimensional.

Training has gotten off to a slow start in 2018, the obligatory ‘sale’ didn’t generate much interest until the last few days when there was a splurge of requests for sessions to be booked in for mid year. The diary has picked up since January and more people are asking about in-house training, especially on retail as it seems to be suffering (yet again) at the hands of online shops, supermarkets and chemists. Retail will always be a challenge but it’s not an insurmountable one if approached in the way clients expect the information they want to hear about products is delivered.

To that end I have started writing a book …. (I chuckle every time I say that to myself). Actually I started writing BEING AMAZONIAN about 18 months ago, it was (and will be) about retail and online activities but everything changes so rapidly that the starting point of the book has had to be amended again and again. However I am determined to complete it by the end of 2018 and hopefully will find a sponsor who would like to ‘help’ fund the project.

Communication skills and how to use social media are also proving to be popular requests this year, it seems we all want to maximise our effectiveness on-line and in one-to-one communication.

mrandmrshaircare …. the blogging side of my world has had a couple of setbacks, scheduled interviews have been put on hold which has knocked the flow of the site sideways, but all is back on track. There have been competitions for hairdressers and non-hairdressers alike to enter. Balmain especially have furnished the site with lots of goodies to review and share, alongside Goldwell, KMS, Joico, Fudge, Schwarzkopf, L’oreal Professional, Crazy Color and others who very generously send products for the site to use in blogposts. But the major focus for mrandmrshaircare has been the #Choosehair campaign, an initiative for hairdressers across the land to engage with and join in on the never ending challenge of recruiting youngsters into the hairdressing world. You can catch up on everything about the campaign at www.choosehair.co.uk and also by following the Facebook page @supporting hairdressings future.

Year 4; I’ve past the dreaded 3 year make or break statistic and I’m delighted to say I MADE IT. Now I need to focus on the challenges of 2018 and bring in the best year yet. I won’t say it’s been easy because it really hasn’t. It’s tough, it’s challenging, it’s frightening at times but its absolutely exhilarating when the plans come to fruition and when clients knock on your door (which they do via email, which by the way is emil_mcm@hotmail.com or when they call on 07885 985843)