Here is my latest article published in the latest edition of Salon NV:

I am fascinated with social media and how it is used by businesses. All of the indicators and experts in the field of social activities suggest that companies should be both professional and amateur in a combined effort to look super sharp and human at the same time.

Posting pics of the salon, products and haircuts is what it’s all about, but I can guarantee that an image of your pet will gather more likes, shares and tags that the sharpest bob or the most outrageous unicorn colour.

And numbers …. It seems we are obsessed with having thousands of followers, for what reason I am unsure as it is better to have 100 people who engage with your social posts than 1000 who never do anything. Salons often ask me if they should buy followers on Instagram. My emphatic answer is NO, it’s not people you buy, it’s a robot and that’s hardly going to walk into your salon for a haircut any day soon.

Grow your followers slowly, generate engagement gradually, that’s the sure fire way of helping your business grow from social activities.

Numbers are important if you are trying to monitor the effectiveness of social posts but you need to be realistic about how much business you can get from your online world.

It’s much better to use the different platforms to keep your salon profile highly visible. Remember, you might see a few likes on a post you created but it’s what happens when the friends of people who ‘liked’ your post see it as well that helps you get more noticed.

The speedy turnaround in how all the different platforms work means you must keep your eye on what’s going on. Check out your supplier’s posts, like them, follow them and tag them when you post anything linked to them. Do the same for your clients wherever possible, and encourage them to tag you in when they have been to the salon, get them to share their selfies with your salon name tagged in!

It’s a game really! Numbers are relevant but not as much as we are led to believe. The old adage ‘quality not quantity’ is what you should aim for, a good blend of ‘pro’ and ‘not so pro’ images that show your professionalism and your human side will help followers and potential followers see that you share more than just corporate and slick looking stuffs which could be automated.

Use apps to create animation every now and again, I recommend RIPL and Boomerang as two easy to use applications that add a touch of fun to your sites. Don’t over do it though.

The general rule of thumb is to post 2 professional images and one amateur style posting. Try to create a blend of work posts, team images are very popular, product posts, client selfies, colour work, blow-dry images and random stuff that adds the personal touch…. But seriously if you have a dog, take lots of photos and post them too.