I have never really got Snapchat, it’s fun and frivolous but I can’t grasp how it can be used for business purposes with any real impact. No matter what I try I always end up creating whimsical images that serve absolutely no purpose in promoting [my] business. I watch (with great interest) to see what other people do with this hugely popular platform and it seems to me that everyone does the same thing. Snapchat is for silly stuffs so far as I can see and from that point of view I get the obsession with it. But it’s not for mrH so the app will be the first to be deleted from the burgeoning collection on my phone.

I tried, I failed and it’s better to cut my losses before I become addicted to wearing racoons and flowers on my head!


Pinterest is another platform that mrH is ditching, but for different reasons. I am a fan of this social site but it’s recently seen some changes. Over the last 4 weeks I have had numerous ‘pins’ removed because legal teams have requested that the originator remove them, and by default they have to be taken down from my pages as well… which Pinterest does automatically. I think it will only be a matter of time before letters start landing in email boxes from lawyers seeking compensation for the misuse of images that belong to someone who doesn’t want (me} to use them.

Pinterest is challenging, I have 117 followers and the interaction and engagement is minimal. As it’s necessary to keep the platform vibrant and evolving most days see at least one or two pins posted, usually a mix of self produced work and images grabbed from the site itself and it’s the grabbed pins that I believe will become problematic in the future.

Take heed; Make sure you credit EVERY pic you post just in case some legal bod comes after you.

So it’s going, after trying to get it up and running it’s failed for mrH. If you have a business with a shop attached to it then the chances are it’s easier to get clients to check your page out and save pins, but mrH doesn’t have anything to sell per se so it’s a social site that just takes up unnecessary time and energy.

It will be challenging as the post are automatically shared through to so some technical know how will need to be learnt to replace Pinterest with Instagram as a daily feed through.

I tried, I failed and it’s better to cut my losses and focus on platforms that generate engagement, likes, follows, shares and tags.

Bye Bye Snapchat, Bye Bye Pinterest.

That still leaves Facebook, Twitter and (my fave) Instagram!