It’s one of those constant questions that salon clients ask their hairdresser, What’s the next big thing in colour?

It’s also one of the questions that gets asked across all other colour driven industries as colours affect and have an effect on every aspect of our lives. From the colour of our car to the tones of make-up, the subtle or bold colours of fabrics, even the packaging of products, everything is tonally driven.

Well… those genius guys at Pantone have just released their predictions for 2018 / 2019 and are we in for a change of direction or what!!!

Gone are the subtle, pale, pastelised shades, bye bye neutrals, so long primary shades, it’s time get futuristic.

Laurie Pressman from the Pantone Colour Institute explains:

We have always had a fascination with the unknown, the afterlife, outer space and the other worlds of parallel universes, the future and the extra-terrestrial. Speculations about what is unknown, and future possibilities provide respite from the far-too-real present and past. As technology advances, the concept of access to another planet appears increasingly viable and designers are beginning to speculate on what a future on another planet might mean.

For more details check out this link: New Frontiers

MrH is very excited about this leap into the unknown, especially what it might mean for hair colour as the shades and tones are very muted, flat, dusky and very different to the normal palette hairdressers would choose shade from.

From Space Age Silver to Lilac (a dirty dusty lilac) and lots of  cold tones in between, this really is a futuristic collection that offers interesting combinations of colours for hairdressers to get creative with once they get their heads around them.


So far this year we have seen the immense launch from Goldwell of Pure Pigments, (which mrH is a big big fan of), there is another exciting launch coming from another company later this year… there is the imminent relaunch of Koleston from Wella, Crazy Color are ahead of the game with their latest spray in shades that are futuristic in their tones…. and that’s about it.

Pantone say the future is now, so It’s time to move forward and introduce space age colour to hair! Grab some Pure Pigments, play with them, get some spray in shades from Crazy Color and have fun.

there are other ‘metallic’ shades out there that can be daring and delightful in equal parts, Joico have a great range. The only watch point when thinking about colours that suit the otherworldly effect is be matt and dulled not hyper shiny.