This post (see original below) has spurred me on to dig out some more soundtracks that have become a part of my musical landscape.

That, and the newly acquired CD player means I am currently in musical seventh heaven:

I’m currently listening to the haunting, heartbreaking ‘A Single Man’ soundtrack, the Tom Ford film is simply a work of beauty and the Abel Korzeniowski soundtrack is well worth checking out.

Koyaanisqatsi is by legendary Philip Glass, the film is extraordinary and the music that goes with it is as incredible.

The English Patient, Gabriel Yared’s soundtrack, phew it tugs at those hearts strings then tugs some more.

Moulin Rouge, thee Baz Luhrmann epic has a soundtrack that is as colourful and as wacky as the film itself.

Billy Elliot, WOW, I remember going to see the film not knowing what to expect and being gobsmacked at the opening intro, T.Rex Cosmic dancer…. it had me hooked and still does to this day, a soundtrack, a great film and Marc Bolan, what’s not to love!

Midnight Express, one of Giorgio Moroder’s finest moments, tense, hypnotic and thrilling, the opener ‘Chase’ is so of its time 1978 yet still so very of the moment, a timeless piece of music.

Brideshead Revisited, the original TV series soundtrack is (almost) the soundtrack to my summer of 1981, such was the impact the programme had on me  that I names a teddy bear (yes) after one of the characters and put the opening track onto every cassette (yes) I made.

And then there was Chronicle Of A Death Foretold, an obscure film I sought out after having read the novel (Gabriella Garcia Marquez).  I’ve never seen the film since it was released in 1987 but the soundtrack still reminds me of that period in my life when literature was as important as music… time for a refocus on that point methinks!

Michael Nyman’s superb soundtrack to The Piano holds a special place in my musical memory. I went to see the film with friend Cheryle. It had only recently come out and hadn’t taken off. We had the entire cinema to ourselves, just the two of us watching this majestic film that left us both in tears. Of course the CD purchase was the limited edition 24 carat gold version with a 32 page booklet…. obviously!

I am on a soundtrack memory jogging roll so expect more soon!



Music was my first love, as many of you will know; and whilst I like to imagine myself as a cool, music aficionado who has excellent taste in music…

I simply cannot deny that I love a good soundtrack to a film, and a recent trip to the cinema has highlighted something that I would like to share.

*highlighted words have direct links to music!

From a very early age, 8 in fact, I have been influenced by music. Yes, Marc Bolan sent me on a musical journey that continues to this day, but before that there was: Oliver, the film. My first real emotional experience came from seeing the film on a (rare) school outing. We went to watch the film at our local cinema, I was captivated by the soundtrack as much as the film and this song still hurtles me back to 1968 and I can still recall being genuinely moved by it.

Then of course there was The Sound of Music, Jungle Book, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and lots of other films that came along which had some songs that firmly embedded themselves in my brain.

As I grew older, of course Saturday Night Fever came along and with it an oft missed classic ‘Thank God It’s Friday’ …. 1978, I was in the midst of being a disco dancing groover so it has a special place in my soundtrack memory bank.

As I matured so did my taste in soundtracks, they had a massive influence on my liking or not of a film, pieces like The Mission and Gattica became staple listening when sat on my own contemplating life (seriously).

Along the way there have been incredible moments, Star Wars …. Jurassic Park …. and too many others to name.

But The Last Emperor has to go down as my ultimate soundtrack, it’s one of the reasons why the film is my favourite, having seen it too many times to remember, I associate key notes in the musical backdrop with pivotal moments in the story line: this brief moment, listen to it here: I want a divorce is so poignant, his desperate wife fleeing the puppet empire, her husband and his drug addled concubine, the music makes the moment even more compelling to watch.

Oh and what about this fantastic moment in musical magic: Ewan McGregor

I always enjoy a cinematic experience when the music is as important as the film and it would be impossible to list all of my fave pieces but of late, two films have well and truly nuzzled into my head because of their musical content. The fact that both are ‘musicals’ is neither here nor there as I’ve seen lots of musicals that have been spoilt by the musical content.

La La Land, I loved it, what a joyous, uplifting, feel good factor film, the soundtrack has been played lots since the film was released, especially this magical moment

And now I am well and truly obsessed with the soundtrack to The Greatest Showman.

The movie, in case you haven’t seen it is incredible, a really well put together piece that has everything you want, fun, tragedy, heroics, laughter, tears, and superb acting from everyone. I especially love this song (I’m listening to it right now, it’s on repeat and has been for the last 45 minutes). Seldom does a song  move me as much as this does. I’m not sure what it is about it that has struck such a chord but it is a stunning song.

As I’m writing this blog post other movie moments keep popping into my head that really should be added to the list of [movie] music that has become part fo my musical landscape but I want to end on Never Ever from The Greatest Showman because it is such a beautiful piece to finish on.

Maybe I’ll add a list of other favourites at a later date.