It’s been a while since I posted a blog about music, so here’s one that (hopefully) shows how music can be such an uplifting experience.

This week I hit the road to travel down to Middlesbrough, my home town to see my dad, family and friends.

As usual I stocked up with some CD’s because #Ilovemycds

and one of them was the latest release from Tracey Thorn of Everything But the Girl fame.

Record, I even love the title with it’s irony stamped all over it is, quite simply, phenomenal!

A disco’ish moment that has some really special, standout tracks and not a single dud!

From the opening track Queen with its personal lyrics about what might have been if a different route had been taken in life to the slightly angst tracks, air, guitar and Smoke all, it appears talking about what if’s as well … the music is uplifting and that stunning voice hasn’t aged one bit. The ‘record’ is 9 tracks strong. Babies is slightly odd, Face is about catching sight of someone from your past through social media and Dancefloor ends it on a mesmerising high. If you like EBTG then this is a must for you.

But listening to Record made me want to hear A Distant Shore

The wonderful thing about technology is that, whilst I own this CD, I didn’t have it, so I plugged my iPhone into my car usb socket, clicked on Amazon music and there it was!

Released in 1982 this ‘record’ holds a special place in my heart and mind. A beautiful, heart wrenching 25 minutes of highly emotive songs sung about the break up with her boyfriend, Ben Watt … who she got back together with and is still married to.

A Distant Shore is a classic album loved by many a student who would play it whilst feeling melancholy, which was and probably still is most of the time. I was a hairdresser who just happened to fall in love with the music and even though it is sad, because it definitely is, it’s also haunting and beautiful and a true work of genius.

Follow the link above and you can hear the entire album .. all 25 minutes of it. I absolutely guarantee of you are not familiar with it you will grow to love it. 25 minutes of your day that will be time well spent. The album deals with her break-up from boyfriend Ben.

Plus, if you want to listen to Ben Watt’s response album, North Marine Drive, released in 1983 you can find it on YouTube and Amazon music too.

I am not able to express how meaningful these two albums from the 80’s mean to me personally, all I can say is they are very much of their time whilst also being very easy to listen to now.

So as I travelled down the A1 heading toward home these albums  lifted my spirits, even though the subject matter of the 2 from the 80’s is sad. I drove down the road with memories of home flooding my mind, the journey passed by in a flash and I arrived at my sisters’ smiling after reminiscing about how music played such an integral part in our lives and how it still does. Tracey Thorn has been on many of my life journeys, Record will become a part fro here-on-in but it will always make me want to go back to the seminal moments from 82-83.