This blogpost isn’t meant to be an ego driven overblown self appraisal… but let’s see how it pans out.

I recently asked (over on Facebook) a very simple question to people I have managed in previous job roles:

I wanted to see if people could succinctly describe how they remembered my management style in one word!

Funnily enough some people used just one word (Ticked box from the ex boss), some decided to write paragraphs, whilst others opted for 2 – 3 words.

Some people I have never managed also commented which was a surprise, a pleasant one though as they were complimentary, maybe because I hadn’t actually ‘managed’ them.

Like a lot of people, I kind off casually slipped into management and for a long time struggled to understand what was actually expected of me. I read books, went on training seminars, learnt from colleagues and generally, quite organically morphed into being a manager. Some of the challenges were difficult to say the least, especially because in the initial phase of managerial duties, some 20 years ago, I was the manager of workmates who I’d been with for a long time.

Nonetheless management it was, and now, as I sit here managing myself and myself alone it was an interesting exercise to see what people said.


  • Encouraging: I like this, it makes me feel like I worked alongside the teams I managed and helped them develop their skillsets and progress int her careers.
  • Inspirational: It’s difficult to comment on a word like this, but hopefully the inspiration stemmed from my passion and belief in the brands and people I was surrounded by.
  • Legend: (Blushing) I’m not sure legend is a word I’m able to comment on, but my ego says Thank You anyways!
  • Fair: I’m nothing if not fair in all aspects of my life, at least I try to be, so this word made me smile as I always strived to be fair across the board with every team member giving each and every one the chance to shine in their own way.
  • Frightening: Made me chuckle but in reality the individual who shared this word use dit because [she] knew if the job ask;t been done to the KPI level then the situation and work would be addressed so from that point of view, yes sometimes being frightening is relevant.
  • Amazing: Same as legend really, but if a team member thinks their manager is [amazing] then that has to be seen as positive doesn’t it?
  • Resourceful: Of course using the position of ‘manager’ to help get your team the very best equipment, help, development, materials and all the others paraphernalia that makes their day to day working life better has to be a key responsibility.
  • Informative: A manager has to know about everything relevant to his team and the company they work for, and also has to have a good knowledge of the customer base so information is critical in how a manager manages, the trick is to know what info to share and when to share it.
  • Logical: One of my fave words as being logical doesn’t come naturally when you are a hairdresser at heart…. it’s more about creativity most times. This word made me realise I worked hard at becoming much more structured in how the day to day duties of management were carried out.
  • Extraordinary: Another legend / amazing word.
  • Tough: Yes, I believe managers must be tough otherwise things go pear shaped with the team you manage and the team you report in to. But tough should sit next to fair!
  • Encouraging: Team is critical to the success of a business and encouraging [your] team to perform, deliver, go the extra mile with you always brings results.
  • Meticulous: Otherwise knows as being OCD, after all if a job’s worth doing it’s worth doing well.
  • Admirable: Knowing that someone admires you for what you did as a manager is a humbling thought. The word suggests a real bond between manager and team.
  • Fanbloodytastic: A funny one but a fab one at the same time.
  • Inspiring: Another favourite word, if you inspire you create inspirational people, using your skills to develop others is a profoundly rewarding experience.
  • Pragmatic: Dealing with day to day challenges in a. realistic way and sharing your thoughts and views with the team makes for a more honest and beneficial working relationship.
  • Okay, I accept posting the comment below might appear to be a tad ego driven, but in the context of the article I believe they work;
  • Approachable, encouraging, organised and knowledgeable. Had the best time working with you. Treating staff well gets the best out of them I think…having had some terrible, intimidating managers since.
  • Inspirational…….the best boss in every way. Fantastic knowledge and presenter, encouraging, always listened and cared on a professional and personal level x x
  • Amazing, encouraging, inspirational. You could never describe you in one word. You were the best I’ve ever known xxxx
  • You werent my manager but you delivered train the trainer to me on my ITC and I found you to be very informative and logical.
  • Not my manager but the very best presenter ever xxx I could listen to you all day xxxx

The people who I haven’t managed said:

You’d be a fun manager cos you’re a wonderfully crazy bonkers guy I mean that in a nice way x

Shamazing (not sure you were ever my manager, but I always had you on a pedestal ????)

Bonkers and thoughtful

Professional and talented

In summary then I have to accept that there is a little egotistical reality to this post, but I don’t think that’s a bad thing. If, whilst being a manager you have an impact on people and their careers that is positive then that little pat on the back is deserved. Of course some people didn’t respond to the request, maybe they would have given some negatives to balance out the positive words and quotes above.