Further to a previous blog post about Aquis towels: http://www.emilthecaretaker.com/mr-mrs-haircare/aquis-towel-hairtruth/ the company responsible for the innovative towel has now entered the professional market, providing hairdressers with a luxury yet economical option for their salons packed full of benefits that make it a must have.

AQUIS Hair Towel have launched their Professional range ideal for salons. Saves drying time, causes less damage due to less friction, cures frizz and breakage whilst drying hair to a damp stage evenly. These are bleach and stain resistant, conserve space and the fabric is very durable.

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Introducing The Professional Towel from AQUIS

Whilst the towel may seem expensive in relation to the normal ‘wholesaler’ variety, £5 each, and whilst many salons are opting for disposable towels, mrH thinks the [Aquis towel] an alternative many salons should look at. The benefits of Aquis professional are incredible, here’s just a few that make this towel rather special.

  • Reduces drying time by up to 50%
  • Durable fabric, bleach and stain resistant
  • The fabric dries quickly after it has been washed
  • Fights frizz and protects colour
  • Hair looks shinier

For more details about where to get your Aquis professional towels from contact Rebekah Fraser at AJC:

email rebekah@ajc93.com or call +44 131 621 7210

mrH suggests a touch of luxury in the towel department might just make your salon stand out from the crowd.