This week I had the privilege of seeing the incredible range of colours recently launched by Balmain Paris Hair Couture.

As I am a big fan of Balmain products I was keen to see (in detail) what the brand has to offer in this fiercely competitive market.

The presentation was delivered by Liane, (thanks for the fabulous coffee cup and awesome cupcake), Dawn and Pete from the UK Balmain team and Simon Tuckwell, the UK education specialist looking after all things colourful and creative.

Dawn started the presentation with a brief history of Balmain, I wasn’t aware that the brand has had hair products in its portfolio for 45 years, that’s true testament itself to the importance this high end designer company gives to hair as part of the ‘big fashion picture’.

Pete then game us an insight into the product portfolio and the technical information. 61 shades, fully intermixable, 5 activators that allow hairdressers to create everything from toning to permanent with 100% coverage of grey.

Couleurs Couture does everything you would expect from a high end, high performing colour, it reconstructs the hair during the colouring process, gives predictable results due to the ‘micro pigments’, lifts up to 4 – 5 levels, gives long lasting results and helps cause less damage and irritation.

Most importantly though, Couleurs Couture gives creativity and experience back to the hairdresser, an important step in helping create bespoke colour results that clients feel special about.

Simon then explained why he was using the range himself and showed the fabulous results achieved on the blockheads in the picture above. All started out on a 10 depth and each result was stunning, even from roots to ends, high shine and the condition was fabulous. Simon discussed how his clients had responded to the colours with everyone saying the performance, longevity and condition were all superior to their previous colour results.

There were two aspects of the brand that I thought quite genius. Firstly, the amazing colour clips, pre-coloured wefts that can be clipped into clients hair that clearly indicate whether or not the shades (warm or cool) suit, plus, there is the opportunity to create your own wefts that make the experience for clients even more bespoke.

Of course, coming from the house of Balmain, the stand for the wefts, alongside everything else that goes with the colour range is just beautiful.

the second element is the sachet (not a sample of anything) of home-care they every colour client receives to take away with them. Its a special home use treatment to be used 2 days after the colour service designed to help revitalise the hair and lock in the colour. This little wonder treatment is packaged beautifully as well and includes a ‘next appointment’ card.

As with all things Balmain, every last detail has been thought of, from the amount of tubes and its low inventory, to the ultra stylish packaging, each element ticks a box that makes this new colour collection a must have for any salon serious about creating beautiful bespoke colours.

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