Regular readers will know mrH recently received a fabulous goodie box from Balmain Hair Couture.

The extensions rejuvenating kit, magnetic bracelet and brush are out with reviewers, watch this space for  the feedback soon.

The pillowcases …. it’s incredible how many people wanted to ‘review’ the fabulous, silk, logo branded bedding! Watch this space, a competition coming soon to win these luxurious items.

Here are reviews for the Silver and White Pearl shampoo’s and the new rejuvenating hair serum.

White Pearl:

Sharon: “My hair has a tendency to be too ashen when I have highlights, but I really don’t like it to have any yellow brassy tone to it. This shampoo is excellent, it gives my highlights just enough to make it look bright and shiny with a touch of colour, it really is pearlised and it is very good indeed. I’ve used other Balmain products mrH has gave me and they always impress but this is my fave to date. I use it as a complementary shampoo in between my normal products and it really has changed the look of my highlights. A great product”.



Ruth: ” I have a complete aversion to brassy hair and am constantly asking my hairdresser to make my colour as light as possible for fear of it looking gold. I use silver shampoo and conditioner all the time and even though they do work they quite often take my hair to a lilac colour which I dislike as much as gold. My hairdresser laughs at my constant battle with wanting to be in the middle of gold and purple. Balmain Silver, i’m keeping my fingers crossed here, seems to be what I’ve been looking for, it makes my hair completely brassy free and as yet hasn’t left a trace of lilac. It’s great and when I use it with my Balmain Ash Toner (from my salon) I get the colour I have always wanted. Love it”!

Rejuvenating Serum:

Helen: “I have Balmain extensions and they are fantastic, my hairdresser Neil recommended them because of the quality of the hair. I’ve had them for a while now and look after them as best I can. mrH gave me this serum and it has made an immediate difference, the extensions feel like new and my own hair feels really conditioned too. Since starting with Rejuvenating Serum there has been a noticeable improvement in how the extensions look after blowdrying. A great product, one I will stick with as long as I wear extension”.