A brief update

Regular readers will know the mrH aka Emil McMahon has been writing a book for the better part of 3 years.


Being Amazonian: Don’t Sell is finally finished in its first draft form …. now it’s getting shipped out to a select few people to have a read, comment, help find all the typo’s and grammatical errors and give their honest feedback about it.

Probably the most challenging thing I’ve done in a long time, trying to condense all the information ins my head into a readable, enjoyable and informative book hasn’t been easy but it’s done…. well until the changes have to be made.

This idea stemmed from a training programme called Being Amazonian which looked at how online sites ‘sold’ products and how hairdressers could tap into the successes an automated programme generated and add to it in their salon environment by using their human one to one interaction.

So watch this space to see what happens next.