Julie says: “OMG I bloody love these products”.

“When mrH sent me these two products I was very cynical as I have coloured hair that has been coloured on top of colour on top of colour so it always fades no matter what I try. Not with these Fudge products, the colour has stayed true to tone since I started using them and whilst there is still a teeny bit of fade this is because my hair is quite damaged, but it is no where near what I normally get. The products are also making the condition feel better too so I’m very impressed. As mrH told me, they are a new formulation and have added benefits that look after the hair whilst helping keep the colour look good. Genuinely thrilled with the results”.


Original post

Another review scheduled to arrive soon is for the new and improved Fudge brand. Although the products were launched earlier this year it’s taken a little while to get  a reviewer with brunette hair, however it’s being used as we speak so watch this space for that review too. Fudge is another one of those brands that mrandmrshaircare’s reviewers clamour after, it’s fun, it’s funky and it always does a great job!