I have recently been road testing some hair & body bars created by the incredibly popular and successful hairdresser Greg Couzens.

Greg very kindly sent me a selection of the bars after I’d stated on my Facebook page that it was my aim and my absolute intention to reduce my plastic waste this year.

The bars are suitable for hair and body, are exceptional good value for money, perform very well and have zero packaging.

My four samples arrived in a small cardboard box, easy to recycle (job done) and included frankincense & Myrrh, Lemon, Peppermint & TeaTree and Lavender.

The challenge I have , like most of us, is that I love a product and I love packaging, that’s the difficulty, but here, Greg has successfully managed to overcome that by producing great quality products that offer something totally unique that goes against the emotional limitations and commercial restrictions packaging brings.

It’s my belief that what Mr Couzens has done is to set a benchmark for our industry that offers client who are searching for environment friendly products that still deliver great quality a fab range! The fact that the bars do so at such an affordable price is testament to Greg himself.

My advice to anyone who reads this, speak to Greg about the impact the bars have had on his business whilst successfully reducing the impact on our planet.

BRAVO Greg, a genius idea, well thought out and well executed.

My next order will be winging its way over to you very soon.