mrandmrshaircare gave members of the review panel the opportunity to try Infuse My.Colour, a range of homecare shampoo’s infused with colour for an extra boost of tone or for neutralising unwanted shades in hair.

Here’s what they had to say:


Julie: “Love love love this product, my hair always fades and mrH asked me to try this out to see what happened after i’d been to the salon and had my roots and fade sorted. My natural colour is a medium brown and I have a L’Oreal colour that is reddish, not too much but enough to give a flash of it when the sun hits it, that’s what my hairdresser does. This shampoo is brilliant at keeping the red just at the right level with a lovely shine. I do need to use conditioner afterwards but I would anyways. It’s a big tick from me, a product I will continue to use alongside my others. You don’t need to use it every time either which makes it last ages”.


Mary: “We have been using these shampoo’s in the salon, even though it’s a consumer brand, and all the team are impressed. We all really like how the Cobalt neutralizes warmth in medium to darker blonde and brown tones and using it on bleached hair gives a lovely minty green result that can be very strong or soft depending on how much is used and how it’s applied. The Copper is great too, really intense in the right way, not over-powering but a definite booster that we use at the backbar to refresh clients coppery colours. I’d like to see a professional version that offered more creativity so that we don’t end up losing sales though”.


Sharon: “I use lots of professional products that mrH gives me to review and I am always impressed by them. Recently I have been using Joico shampoo and conditioner to keep my blonde hair looking clean and bright and I love them. mrH asked if I would use this alternating with them because he wanted to see how they compared. I’m not an expert but what I see is that this Gold shampoo makes my hair look slightly different, the colour seems to be warner but not brassy, mrH explained why this would be and it makes sense. My Joico products keep my blonde really bright and the Infuse my. Colour shampoo adds a touch of sandy golden shade to it. I’m very lucky to have been given so many products to use and this one is a real winner for me”.


June: It’s not a lie when i say I am difficult about my hair. My hairdresser knows it and mrH does too. If my colour isn’t just right I have been known to  have a nervous break down. Fortunately the results I want are almost always exactly as I anticipate, but the looking after of it sometimes goes a bit wrong as I do tend to impulse buy things that might not be the most suitable. mrH told me about this Platinum shampoo and how I should use it so I’ve been very good and followed instructions carefully.  I am really impressed, my blonde is very blonde and unlike some other violet coloured shampoo’s tried previously this one hasn’t made my hair go like Mrs Slocombe. The only thing I would say is it would be nice to have a compatible conditioner to go with it, although my Kerastase works very well with it. Lovely product.


Original post:

Something of a departure for mrandmrshaircare, a range that has been created for the consumer market.

Infuse my colour is a range of 5 colour wash shades that can enhance and alter haircolour.

The founders have this to say:

mrH has given the products out to reviewers who have bene instructed to use the product and report back on how they feel it affects their professional colour at home. With 5 colour enhancing shampoos, Platinum, Gold, Ruby, Cobalt and Copper shades it will be interesting to hear the feedback from our panel.

Watch this space,