Being a blogger is a funny old thing, sometimes you are inundated with products from companies, too many to keep track of, and sometimes you get a slower stream of goodies to hand out to reviewers and use yourself.

Such is the case of late with Christmas gift sets. Aside from the stupendous Balmain Paris Hair Couture collection which was the basis of part 1 of the Christmas posts, there has only been one other ‘gift set’ arrive.

Osmo sent out a cool guys gift pack with  3 great styling products included

The gift set features Salt Spray, Clay Wax and Fibre Sculpt. Known for its edgy styling range, Osmo has gone from strength to strength over the last few years and is always a popular choice with the review panel here at mrandmrshaircare. This festive pack has been shipped off to mrH’s brother as he is always eager to sample new products that help him style his hair. watch this space for his thoughts … as he says “Christmas has really come early for me this year”

Another review scheduled to arrive soon is for the new and improved Fudge brand. Although the products were launched earlier this year it’s taken a little while to get  a reviewer with brunette hair, however it’s being used as we speak so watch this space for that review too. Fudge is another one of those brands that mrandmrshaircare’s reviewers clamour after, it’s fun, it’s funky and it always does a great job!

The last product took me some time to figure out about who to give it to. A colour that can be used at home is not the normal type of product mrH hands out, but this is no ordinary colour, it comes from world renowned colourist Christophe Robin, an expert in all colour related products, this is a new development in hair colour designed to ensure a natural and gentle result. Trust made me opt for my sister, because she is blonde and because her daughter is a hairdresser so she can keep a close eye on the results.

Another batch of products that make for interesting ‘Christmas presents’. the reviewers are all thrilled that they get the chance to play with something new so watch this space for their reviews, coming soon.