As the previous post about Kerastase mentioned, mrandmrshaircare’s reviewers were all desperate to get their hands on this range of products.

mrH gave the Aura Botanica shampoo and conditioner to Julie, a longtime reviewer who knows what she likes and knows what she doesn’t and isn’t afraid to say what she feels. Here’s her review:

“As mrH knows, i’m fussy and very particular about what I put on my hair. Kerastase is a product i’m fond of just because it’s good, I know it and have used it in the past, not this Aura Botanica range though. I checked it out online before I used it. The information sounds promising, I really like the ‘natural origins and biodegradable formula’ details, it’s something i’m becoming more involved in in my own small way and lots of small ways make a big difference. Sometimes i’m wary of natural products though as they tend to be less effective than traditional, at least that’s my experience, but it’s not that way with these two beauts!

Bain Micellaire, that’s the shampoo to you and me, is really good, a lightweight formula that feels very gentle on my hair, it feels clean and conditioned, i’m thinking that will be the oils in it. A lovely fragrance and a good lather, really nice shampoo.

Soin Fondamental, that’s conditioner in plain speak, is sensational. I just love how it makes my hair feel instantly. The conditioning effect takes hold the moment I start running it through my hair, which is medium length and coloured. The shine afterwards is very noticeable and the texture feels smoother.

It’s expensive, that’s fair to say, almost £46 for the two products, but they are incredibly concentrated and they are lasting ages so it’s probably going to work out good value for money in its own way.

Thanks mrH, you made my day with these two beauties”!