Regular readers will know I like to try new products to help combat my ongoing hair-loss situation.

I’m aiming to hit 60 before I lose my hair so I’m actively doing everything I can to keep what I have on my head.

Kerastase Densifique and Goldwell Repower are my fave brands with some System Professional from Wella as well, but I have used other products and been impressed with them.

Mostly the brands used are ‘professional’ only products, however I have tried Regaine and it did a good job.

Now I’m using Monat, a relatively new product to the UK market and one that’s available through commercial channels and through distribution style dealerships.

The collection being tested is Intense Repair, shampoo, conditioner and intensive treatment.

Like most products, the conditioner gets used the least as I have very short hair and I sometimes feel it isn’t a necessary part of the programme I need to use.

Shampoo is excellent, it gives great body and oomph to my hair, so much so that it’s longer than it normally would be but still looking relatively full, whereas it would be quite fluffy and flyaway by now, so it gets a big thumbs up from me.

The conditioner is also very good, although it’s not been used much it makes the scalp feel really clean and refreshed whilst adding body to the hair, another plus as most conditioners make mine look limp and oily.

The intense repair treatment is a spray in, leave in spray which is always my preferred type of active product as it means I can apply it, let it dry and (hopefully) it keeps my hair in place as well as doing it’s main job! (I only use styling product when going out or when I’m meeting clients… and my only product of choice these days is Balmain Paris Hair Couture Salt Spray).

So the treatment is always a major factor for me as it’s the product I expect to do the most and this doesn’t disappoint. The key ingredient,


is an emollient blend that helps to protect the scalp, strengthen and thicken hair while supporting natural growth. It certainly feels like it’s doing just that and after using the products for just over 4 weeks the results are as I hoped they would be. My hair loss is stabilised and the appearance looks fuller with more density.

This brand is at the higher end (price wise) at £126 for the 3 products, but they, as one would expect, are highly concentrated and last a long time. I’m impressed, the products deliver a great result and in such a highly technical market their ingredients, their marketing and the story behind Monat is an exciting one.

More details here: Monat