mrH recently gave the Balmain Hair Extensions Therapy kit to Bianca & Neil at Cheynes to review.

In all honesty the kit was given (to them) without the bowl, a rather fabulous Balmain emblazoned piece of kit that I had to keep for myself (is that really bad of me?)

This new innovation from Balmain Hair Couture restores extensions and makes them look as good as new when reapplied.

Bianca and Neil say:

“This product from Balmain is really easy to use and there is a noticeable improvement in the hair after the treatment has been used.

Client before the application of the rejuvenating treatment to her Balmain extensions

Extensions before rejuvenating treatment has been applied

Extensions with part 1 of the treatment applied (once again apologies for the Balmain bowl not being included)

Here’s what Balmain say about the first part of the treatment:

Step 1

No 1. Rejuvenating Hair Therapy SALON TREATMENT (for professional use only)
The first salon step is to prolong the life of hair extensions after wearing. Regenerates the compromised hair with active ingredients to restore and revitalize. Leaving the hair extensions strong, healthy and shiny.

*This treatment to be carried out once the extensions are removed

Clients hair ready to have the extensions added

Extensions added, the hair looks fuller and incredibly healthy

Bianca did a fantastic job of following the guidelines for use of the rejuvenating treatment and after dressing the hair completed the look by using part 2 of the treatment.

Here’s what Balmain say about the second part of the treatment:

Step 2

No 2. Rejuvenating Hair Serum (in-salon and at home treatment)
Apply to the hair extensions when dry. The Rejuvenating Hair Serum is the client’s daily treatment to protect their hair extensions as well as the natural hair from ongoing damage at home. The formula repairs, detangles, seals cuticles and provides softness and shine.

As you can see from the before and after images the clients hair looks incredible, the blend between extensions and natural hair is seamless, the colour matching is restored to its former glory and the hair looks fantastic.


Bianca says: “I really like this product, it made my clients Balmain extensions feel brand new, they were easier to deal with and my client was absolutely thrilled with the finished result, as was I. A great way to bring extensions back to life”.


More info available here: