Ok, for those of you who regularly log into mrandmrshaircare you will already know that I am in the midst of a hair loss crisis and that the good folk at Goldwell and L’Oreal (amongst others) have been furnishing me with products to help keep what hair I have on my head for longer.

What you don’t know is that as well as losing my hair I also have an incredibly sensitive and itchy scalp. I have put this down to the fact that [my scalp] is exposed to the elements because of the thinning of my hair plus the products I use that have to be very active to penetrate into my scalp.

So I was delighted when a little parcel, beautifully presented, arrived on my doorstep from Schwarzkopf, all the way from Hamburg no less!

Scalp Genesis is a new addition to the BC Bonacure family and has been developed for specific scalp issues.

My parcel contained 3 products, a scalp detoxifier, shampoo and scalp soothing serum.


The pre treatment, self warming detox* is a new concept to me. You apply it prior to shampooing to detoxify the scalp and stimulate the blood supply. When it’s applied it feels warm and very comforting, after massaging, water is applied and then the shampoo is used directly on top of it. This intensifies the heat …. it doesn’t get too hot, it’s a great temperature that makes the scalp feel fabulous.

The soothing shampoo is unique in it’s own way, I was expecting a very rich creamy formula but it’s not, it’s a gel like consistency that really does make the scalp feel relaxed and nourished whilst strengthening the feel of the hair at the same time. A marvel of a product, one that I am very impressed with.

The final product in the range I was sent is a soothing serum, a leave in treatment that is applied to the scalp after the shampoo procedure. Another special product, I use it about 30 minutes before I go to bed, treat myself to a little massage, and my scalp feels calmed and relaxed. I use it before going to bed because I still have my normal ritual of hair-loss treatment after shampooing and I don’t want either product to dilute the effectiveness of the other.

BC Bonacure Genesis is a great addition to a well respected and technically advanced range of products and i’m very impressed with the results, my scalp is much less irritated than normal, my hair feels stronger and Genesis has become a welcome addition to the very burgeoning array of lotions and potions that are keeping my hair healthy and my scalp active.

Thanks Schwarzkopf, mrH is impressed with Genesis!

Click the link below to discover the entire range.