Following on from the mega Schwarzkopf ‘stocking fillers’ post, our reviewers have submitted their thoughts…. (see below original post)

Original Post:

Being a blogger is a funny old thing, sometimes you are inundated with products from companies, too many to keep track of, and sometimes you get a slower stream of goodies to hand out to reviewers and use yourself.


There has been a flurry of activity from Schwarzkopf Professional, who very generously sent a huge collection of goodies that have been sent out to the review panel for testing out, These products would make perfect stocking fillers as they are high performance, stylish and affordable, so watch this space for reviews of:


New reviewer Phil says:

Osis+ Session Label,  I’m thrilled mrH gave them to me to try. Each product has a very specific USP which I love.

POWDER CLOUD: Brilliant volume and texture with a matt look to it, one of the best ‘dust’ products I’ve come across. I use it on medium length hair to really increase the amount of volume at the roots, it’s excellent.

MIRACLE 15: Like the hair has nothing in it but does everything you ask of it. Awesome for bobs and smoother hair-styles. It is my favourite without doubt, I just love what it does to the hair and am amazed that something so light gives protection up to 230C.

SUPER DRY MEMORY NET: What a brilliant name, so much better than ‘hairspray’ which is a turn off for most people. Memory Net envelops the hair in a micro fine spray with hold that brushes away easily, and it feels great on the hair. A truly modern ‘spray’ for all hair types.

COAL PUTTY: This is incredible, the info I found says it creates rough looking styles, and it certainly does. It is a filthy product, and I mean that in the best possible way, ultra cool, downright dirty and a great grungy product that suits messy short hair perfectly.

mrH reviews Bonacure BC Scalp Genesis shampoo and serum.

It’s a fact, I’m losing my hair and after 30 years of constant hair-loss regimes I have managed to get to the ripe old age of 59 and still have some. This collection from Schwarzkopf Bonacure is fab, the shampoo is exceptionally refreshing and tingling on my scalp, which I always see as a good indicator that active ingredients are being…. ACTIVE. The scalp treatment is cooling, non greasy and leaves my hair looking fuller whilst doing its job deep in the layers off my scalp, feeding my ever weakening hair shafts. I like both products and they are definitely helping me in my never ending pursuit of hirsute(ness).


Janet reviews Bonacure BC Collagen volume 

“I’m fussy about what I use on my hair as most volumizer products just make it feel hard and sticky. Bonacure doesn’t! It’s a lovely product to use which significantly increases the bounce, volume and feel of my hair which is fine and shoulder length. It’s called ‘kick’ and that’s exactly what it does, it gives my hair a much needed kick of moisture, which I normally avoid at all costs as my hair goes limp quickly when I normally use anything moisturising, but no9t with this.. the moisture kick enhances the volume and it is just brilliant”!

Susan was given Oil Ultime Lotus Flower Oil-in-scrub and Oil Ultime Ylang Ylang and Mandarin, Essential Oil.

Words fail me, these products are simply stunning!  My clients have been going crazy for this brand new treatment service which has inspired me to look into the Schwarzkopf range in more detail. The comments have been very impressive with clients saying it’s one of the nicest experiences they have ever had at the backwash and that the feel of the products before, during and after is amazing. Everyone has commented on the sensorial experience the essentials oils bring to the service as well. Personally I have been incredibly impressed with the results, all my clients have had great feeling hair after the treatment has been completed. So much so, I have a meeting with the local sales rep at the end of the month”.