I recently was lucky enough to win a fabulous hairdryer from JGR Salon Supplies.  I was even more lucky to win because Emma Bavin of EG Recruit was nominated in a competition to find the best new logo… Choose Hair won and Emma suggested I should get the prize as I designed the logo

Whilst I was thrilled to a accept the prize, I was aware that I don’t do lots of hairdressing these days and it felt a little unfair keeping it for myself, especially seeing as how someone commented that they hoped I would pass it on to a worthy person deserving of it. I didn’t;t take offence but the message did strike a chord with me.


(Don’t ask why my niece decided to send a selfie that had been filtered on snapchat … apparently that’s the thing to do these days haha)

I gave it to my niece who has recently ventured out into the world of self employ. She has been hairdressing for a few years now but the salon she worked in was closing so she took a leap into the unknown as a sole trader. Perfect timing for me as she needed new equipment and I gladly gave her the dryer. She was, naturally, thrilled!

Here’s some of her work using the dryer and below the images, her thoughts.

“I love this dryer, definitely one of the best I’ve ever used. It’s heavier than the previous ones I have worked with, I think that might be because it has a larger filter, but that doesn’t matter as the results I get are great. It’s brilliant when I’m creating body and volume for a wavy or curly look, and when I dry hair smooth it’s amazing, to the point where sometimes I don’t even have to use a straightener to finish off.

The different nozzles are a great idea as well as they help me when creating different looks. It’s excellent at smoothing the cuticle of the hair and gives a really smooth finish, plus the shine is really noticeable. When I have done a colour correction or changed a clients colour dramatically I have every confidence that this dryer will look after that newly created colour as I blow-dry the hair.

I feel like this ZHORN dryer works with me, the products I use, and my clients hair really well. Thanks uncle Emil xx”