Understanding how social media changes (on a day to day basis) can be challenging.

Here you can find snippets of information that can help you understand what is happening and how you need to respond to the different platforms.

21.08.17: Why i’m giving up on Pinterest and the reason Snapchat doesn’t work for mrH. Read the latest blog post over at mrhaircare

Amazon: It was inevitable really, Amazon continue their route to world domination with the launch (coming soon) of a social platform. Word on the street is that it will be like Pinterest which is interesting as it will allow Amazon to create links directly to their own shopping portals.

mrH will keep you updated with any progress or launch details.

The average amount of time spent on Facebook daily is 20 minutes. Your posts need to be engaging and visual to ensure your followers don’t scroll past them. Think about the content, what it says and how it looks before posting. Be consistent and make sure there is a blend of messages and images shared at all times.


The demographic users of social media are changing. Whilst most age groups are staying more or less the same in the amount of users and how much time they spend on different platforms, the 65+ age group is embracing technology and are the fastest growing sector. This is important to recognise as you must offer social activities and posts that appeal to them.

Posting images of cats and dogs is great and will always generate lots of likes but you need to use your platforms for business gains as well. Always share any promotional activities you have in your business through each different platform.

Facebook continues to make inroads into the personalisation of your posts in every different way possible. the latest addition, click the ‘gif’ symbol, type in your name and see what pops up. It will be irrelevant, but it will also be fun.

Try not to be repetitive, if you use a loop video like boomerang that’s great, but don’t schedule lots of [looping] video’s or ads, it switches your clients off! Don’t (also) make any adverts look too sharp, data suggests that social users don’t like adverts that intrude on their social viewing time. Ad’s are important to you and your business so try to make them less advertorial and more real.

Whilst we are all aware if the legal implications of downloading an image from the internet and the risks associated with copyright and ownership, most people still do it at their own risk. Up until now this was fine on ‘pin site’ Pinterest, but recent activities suggest that the platform is being scrutinised for illegal downloads of images. Be careful what you pin and wherever possible always give relevant credits.