Understanding how social media changes (on a day to day basis) can be challenging.

Here you can find snippets of information that can help you understand what is happening and how you need to respond to the different platforms.

Don’t worry about how many LIKES, SHARES, FOLLOWS & TAGS your social posts receive. Whilst it’s great to se them the reality is most people SCROLL through social sites, this means that they see your posts even if they don’t hit any of the tabs linked to them.

Asking people to COMMENT invariably leads to disappointment when no-one does. Comments are your followers way of adding to your daily posts, let them decide when they do it, don’r ask, unless you are running a competition where comments are a must have!

# and @ are becoming more important.

@ has always been used to find people and organisations that you can link to, never forget to use them as they create a wider spread for your posts.

# can now be used to search and link from, make sure you use your own specific hashtags that link to your business and generic ones that help spread the post even further (for example #emil #mrH #caretaker #education when used on FB, Twitter and Instagram help create awareness).


Create a mix of posts that cover every aspect of your business and then occasionally post random, fun posts that are frivolous and irrelevant, pets, snapchat images, they add the human touch.




The average amount of time spent on Facebook daily is 20 minutes. Your posts need to be engaging and visual to ensure your followers don’t scroll past them. Think about the content, what it says and how it looks before posting. Be consistent and make sure there is a blend of messages and images shared at all times.



The demographic users of social media are changing. Whilst most age groups are staying more or less the same in the amount of users and how much time they spend on different platforms, the 65+ age group is embracing technology and are the fastest growing sector. This is important to recognise as you must offer social activities and posts that appeal to them.